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Admiral is a naval battle game set in the Second World War, and its goal is to play small as well as large naval battles, both historical and fictional, using a system of intuitive and light rules.

The purpose of these rules is to strike a balance between simulation and simplicity, in order to reproduce the large scale battles that would otherwise require too long a time for even a single round of gunfire; to achieve this, we avoided too cumbersome tables or too complicate calculations, condensing the game in a few simple rolls with modifiers, which still allow the players to reproduce the actual tactics used in naval combat without burdening them.

Admiral was designed after a careful study of the forces and potential shown in the various fleets that took part in the conflict, and historical documents on the various aeronaval battles that punctuate the period covering the duration of the War, by rearranging the information collected in the appropriate tables and game rules.

Admiral is a game for everyone, from the fans of naval forces to the serious 2WW history buff, to wargame players who want to play with ships instead of soldiers for a time: the characteristics of the various units have been studied and catalogued to enable fast playing while remaining consistent with historical plausibility.

On the website there is also a section with some historical anecdotes of interest on the various battles, and a section on modeling dealing with the construction of an historically accurate, or simply more tactically challenging, theater of conflict.

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In this section you will find daily small curiosities and historical information.

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