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In questa sezione troverete tutti i giorni piccole curiosità e informazioni storiche .

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vagina | Description, Functions, & Facts |
I have some very helpful tips to find your vaginal opening by looking and feeling:
Innies & Outies: The Vagina, Clitoris, Uterus and More
Vagina (dari bahasa Latin yang makna literalnya "pelindung" atau "selongsong") atau puki adalah saluran berbentuk tabung yang menghubungkan uterus ke bagian luar tubuh pada mamalia dan marsupilia betina, atau ke kloaka pada burung betina, monotrem, dan beberapa jenis reptil.
Anatomy of the vagina – Multi-Gyn
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Vaginas 101: Everything You Need to Know About the Vagina
The vagina is an elastic, muscular tube connecting the cervix of the uterus to the vulva and exterior of the body. The vagina is located in the pelvic body cavity posterior to the …
Vagina - Anatomy Pictures and Information
It has several important roles in the female:
Vaginal Parts and Anatomy, Explained -
What is the anterior vaginal wall
Vagina: Definition, Anatomy, Function, Diagram, and Conditions
Heres everything you need to know about your anatomy from the outside in, from what your vagina and vulva are to where to find the clitoris.
Vagina Anatomy | HowStuffWorks
The word vagina is commonly avoided in conversation, and many people are confused about the vaginas anatomy and may be unaware that it is not used for urination. [207] [208] [209] This is exacerbated by phrases such as "boys have a penis, girls have a vagina", which causes children to think that girls have one orifice in the pelvic area. [208]
The Human Vagina and Other Female Anatomy - dummies
The cervix is the lower part of the uterus and connects the uterus to the vagina. Learn about the anatomy and physiology of the cervix.
Vagina - Wikipedia
How Vaginas Work. by Molly Edmonds Vagina Anatomy. Prev NEXT . Vaginal anatomy Another controversial part of the vaginal anatomy is the G-spot, which is an area of sensitive tissue located on the front wall of the vagina, about one-third or one-half the way up the canal. This area has been linked with female sexual pleasure, though researchers are bitterly divided on whether it exists or


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